Inventing Profits(TM): Like Edison, Not Madoff! 

 March 2, 2023

By  PerryTheInventor !!!

Inventing Profits(TM): Like Edison, Not Madoff!

Everyone has million-dollar ideas! Even you. Inventors are not special. We’re just skilled. Everyone is born with an idea machine in their heads. And learning to use it, in a very particular way, makes you an inventor. Unfortunately, most of us never learn to act on our ideas and even fewer learn to profit from them.

Let’s change that.

You can literally Invent Profits. You can sit in a chair at the beach or under a tree and think up an idea that can change the world. Maybe even generate wealth too. It’s possible.

Once you have the idea you can begin to move it to reality. And then maybe start a company (like Elon Musk), license it (like Jay Sorensen inventor of the Hot Coffee Sleeve), or give it to the world and become famous (like Linus Torvalds’ who invented Linux and Git).

The first problem inventors have is finding great problems. But you’re in luck! The world is sh*t full of problems. Everywhere you look there are problems begging to be solved. And YES!!! You can be the one to solve them. No permission needed.

But with so many problems how do you know where to start? Every Professional Inventor knows all problems are not created equal. We look for a special kind of problem. And just knowing which problems to work on makes a big difference. A good problem can generate revenue for decades! But a bad problem creates frustration and sucks money like a hungry baby sucks a bottle. You really want to learn the secrets to finding great problems BEFORE you start working on them.

Today I’ll share some characteristics of good and bad problems from a langer article I wrote (which is available for free via email).

Good Problems…
1. Good problems aggravate many people. (Large Customer Base)
2. Good problems are easy to understand (Easier to Sell).
3. Good problems have solutions with exciting demos (Stokes Work of Mouth Sales).

18. (Available in a free email if you’re interested)

Bad Problems…
1. Bad problems annoy only some. (Small Customer Base)
2. Bad problems have cost issues. (Too expensive to be practical)
3. Bad problems have great solutions already. (Too Much Competition)

11. (Available in a free email if you’re interested)

Not every idea is a winner. Some ideas are far better than others. But with a little practice and some guidance, you’ll find yourself generating great ideas at an impressive pace.

I’m thinking of creating a course on how to Invent Profits(TM). If you’d be interested in taking it send me a PM or comment below. If you’ve found this article helpful, please like and share. It helps me know if you’d like more.

If you’d like the email of the rest of the lists, PM me your email address with the text “I want the List!!!” and I’ll send it to you for free.

Thanks for reading. Now go invent something!

PerryTheInventor !!!

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