Inventors: 4 Tips to get Excited about your Invention 

 March 2, 2023

By  PerryTheInventor !!!

Inventors are supposed to be the Rockstars of R&D! We are the first people, on this planet, to see our inventions breath their first breath, work their first time, and create the singularity of a new world that is now vastly dfferent befcause of what we’ve created.

You should be as excited as a rookie getting the winning touchdown at their first Superbowl. If you are… fantastic.

But if you’re not, here are a few things to remember.

1. Celebrate: Inventing is a priviledge and a gift. If you have the gift of being inventive or creative you should celebrate every step of the process. Got an idea? Celebrate! Tested a first prototype? Celebrate! First prototype failed? Celebrate! Don’t wait for the license deal to close to celebrate. Celebrate often and reasons to celebrate will compound.

2. Enjoy: Enjoy the process. You know there will be ups and downs. But that’s the fun. We learn from our failures and our successes. Enjoy each step. Steps are either moving you closer to your goal or to an epic story of how that damn invention kicked your butt. Either way you get something from the journey. So enjoy it!

3. Friends: Bring friends along for the ride. Every invention I’ve ever made had a dinner or a meeting to get opinions from my family and friends. I let them try it and I listen to their opinnions. You have no idea how much enjoyment my kids, wife, and friends experience getting to see and play with something before anyone else. Share the excitement, it’s part of the fun!

4. Remember: Remember why you are doing this! Is it to change the world, build and empire, crush that annoying problem that bothers you and others? Most inventors work to change a part of the world and hope to make a few bucks while they do it. I’m gussing your just like that. A great person wishing to create so that others benefit. Keep that in mind. And notice how others smile, laugh, or think to themselves “Why didn’t I think of this” when you show them your innovation. It is part of the process. But it also shows you’re a great person seeking to better the planet and all of us that inhabit it.

There are a million other reason to be passionate about inventing. These are some to consider. We live a world that enable us to create at a faster pace than at any other time in history. ENJOY THAT SH*T! Take advantage of it. Make the world the best it can be! We’re rooting for you! And I know you can do it!

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